Tips For Reducing Student Stress In HSC

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in HSC Anxiety and Stress |

Your final year of high school will throw challenges at you that you haven’t seen before. If you’re not careful, they may prove to be too much, you’ll end up failing and that won’t make you or your parents happy. So what must you do to get through it all with a minimum of stress?

Your study techniques will be the most crucial element of your HSC year. How you study, how long you study, where you study and when you study all will play a role in your overall success in year 12 experience. Understanding your study habits will provide you with the best stress relief because you’ll be in control and able to focus.

Are you a morning or night person? It’s always wisest to study at the time when you’re at your best. If you’re used to being up late and feeling alert, that’s the best time for you as long as you don’t study all night.

If you’re the sort of person who bounces out of bed early in the morning before anybody else, that’s probably your ideal study time. Your mind will be clear and you’ll be able to absorb much more in the mornings as a result.

Where you study will also play a large role in your success. Can you study at home in a quiet room without interruptions or do you have siblings who are always noisy? If your house is noisy, perhaps you would be better off studying with a friend at their house or in a library where you know there will be peace and quiet.

Are you more of a visual or auditory learner? In other words, do you prefer to read or would you rather listen to somebody talking about the topic you need to study. Listening to CDs of somebody talking can sometimes be better than reading if you learn better that way.

School is not only about studying. You must have some balance in your life if you’re to have any stress relief at all. Don’t cram for tests the night before. Plan your study ahead of time and get some sleep the night before so you can think clearly during the test. Power naps are another way to refresh yourself. If you had a late night or are just feeling extra tired, take a short nap to recharge your batteries and you’ll feel much better.

Year 12 will be a tough year for everybody. But if you plan your time well, study at the times that best suit your personal body clock and ensure you don’t overdo it, you’ll find that your anxiety about tests will be lower and your stress levels will decreases because you’ll feel in control. Stress relief isn’t hard if you know what to do.