How To Relieve Anxiety During Your HSC Exams

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How To Relieve Anxiety During Your HSC Exams

The HSC exams are the most important you’ll ever face. Your grades will determine whether you can go onto university and study your chosen career or whether you’ll even get into university at all. You must succeed and that’s a reason for stress to grip you tightly. However, there are ways to combat this stress and anxiety.

A certain level of anxiety is healthy during exams. It gets the adrenaline pumping and helps you perform better. But you need some stress relief methods to help you cope with the huge amount of pressure you’ll face during the actual exams.

You basically have to refresh your memory on everything you have studied in all your subjects over the course of the year because you don’t know what questions will be asked. The key to knowing all your material is to study well and refresh during the year. If you don’t, it can be incredibly overwhelming, trying to cram all that knowledge into your head within a couple of weeks.

It’s just as important to take short breaks during your study sessions so that your head doesn’t explode. During the breaks, go for a walk, watch TV meditate, ring a friend or have a power nap. Don’t view these things as a waste of your precious time. Each activity is designed to make you feel alert so your study time is more productive.

Design a study schedule that gives you the right amount of time to devote to each subject. Don’t just focus on one all the time. If you can do a bit of each, that change will also help you to remember more.

Don’t forget to eat healthy food so your mind and body are performing at peak efficiency while you study and when sitting the actual exams. Stress relief is all about doing the little things and doing them often. Stop for snacks when you get hungry because ignoring your appetite will only reduce your mental capacity.

Ask your parents to help ensure you have quite time to study. If you have siblings, ensure your parents keep them quiet in this crucial time in your life. That support will go a long way towards helping you achieve success in your exams.

Have a healthy breakfast before each exam. That will give you the mental energy to cope. On the day, before each exam starts, take a few minutes and quieten your mind so it’s relaxed, sharp and focused. If you do that, your memory will produce the vital answers on demand.

Be confident as you write. If you find a question too hard, skip it and come back later. Don’t stress over questions for too long or you could run out of time. It’s better to miss one hard question than run out of time to answer 10 questions.

Lastly, remember that failing is not the end of the earth. You can always repeat the year if necessary or make other choices. Don’t let the stress get too much for you.